Step to Buy

It is very easy all you have to do is:-

1. Browse through the product.

2. Choose your preferred items with the given coding.

3. Email us at :
     Erliyana -
     Ezreen -

and state your : Choice of Item(CODE)

wait for our reply.

# If you have email, please inform us by comment at the shoutbox or the comment entry.

4. Please make sure you settle the payment within 3 days or else your item(s) will be released without notice.

5. Once payment is made customer are required to give the information shown below

AMOUNT: (Money deposited / transferred)
PAYMENT EVIDENCE DETAILS: ( Reference number, scan of physical copy slip, or print screen transferred screen)

6. Once payment is received, we will ship your item via PosLaju and email the reference number.

Erliyana : 0122809310
Ezreen : 0176076588

Thank you for your cooperation.

Happy Shopping :) 

# if have any enquiries & comment can email to us .thank you ;)