Stuff u can get :)

hey dolls :)

here some stuff that i adore 
unfortunately i cant use it so i decided to sell them ..
 take a sneak peak to it ..
 surely u guys will like it ;)

trust me it surely worth it !

Close Up To This Look ;)

Sailor Sense
CODE : A01

Maxi Dress (Grey) RM20
free size

Must Get Look !
CODE : A02

Vintage Maxi Skirt (Black) RM20
waist 72cm
lenght 88cm

Back To 70s Look
CODE : A03

Vintage Dress (Blue)  RM20
*can see through
size M

I Know U Love Me<3

Maxi Dress (Black and White)  RM20
free size

Grandma Look erh!
 But hey i dare u to wear me!

Vintage Dress (Yellow)  RM20
*With Lining Inside 

size M

Dancing Fairy
CODE : A06

Maxi Dress (Brown)  RM20
free size

Tonight am gonna rock your world
CODE : A07

Tank Top (Blue Bleached Colour) RM15
size S

Put on my sunglasses 
its my holiday at the beach yaw!
CODE : A09

Top V Neck (Soft Pink) RM15
*Can See Through

size S

Mix me with anything
CODE : A10

Cardigan (Brown) RM15
size S

Dying to have you!
CODE : A11

Bottom High Waist (Blue Stripes) RM25
size S

Get Me Some Groove !
CODE : A12

Mini Skirt (Brown)  RM15
free size

Just put me on and make your 
day brighter :)
CODE : A13

Sweet Vest (Soft Blue)  RM8
free size

#Postage Fees RM7


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mryajoes said...

take a look at ur email dear :)

Anonymous said...

Assalam. Maxi tu ada lagi? Thnx